Maintaining Your CDOE and CVDOE Certification(s) 

Continuing Education credit requirements

  • 45 credits of diabetes-related education* over a 3 year period
    • 18 of the 45 credits must be LIVE
    • To maintain CVDOE certification, a minimum of 15 of the 45 credits needed to maintain CDOE certification must be cardiovascular related education.

    Certification is valid for 3 years

    • Hours will be pro-rated for new CDOEs re-certifying in less than a three (3) year recertification cycle.

    Rotation schedule is as follows:

      • Dietitians - 2023 Click HERE for instructions to renew your RD CDOE Certification
      • Pharmacists - 2024
      • Nurses- 2025

    *Course topics can include diabetes, cardiovascular, nutrition, exercise, stress management, psychosocial, or teaching principles.

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