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RI Certified Diabetes Outpatient Educators
P.O. Box 41590
Providence, Rhode Island 02940

Tel: 401.223.2982
Fax: 401.633.6935


Certification Committee

Questions regarding CDOE/CVDOE Certification qualifications (see also Become a CDOE) or the CDOE/CVDOE Certification courses

Continuing Education Committee

Questions regarding CDOE continuing education events including the Spring Seminar and Fall Symposium (see also Events)

ByLaws and Policies Committee

Questions regarding CDOE bylaws and policies

Credentialing Committee 

Questions regarding maintenance of CDOE/CVDOE credentials, or renewing your certification (see also Certification Maintenance)

Exam Committee

Questions regarding the CDOE or CVDOE certification examinations

Reimbursement Committee

Questions regarding professional reimbursement for services rendered as a CDOE

Technology and Outreach Committee

Questions regarding CDOE website or social media

P.O. Box 41590  |  Providence, Rhode Island 02940  |  Tel: 401.223.2982   |   Fax: 401.633.6935

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