About CDOE

Rhode Island Diabetes Educators was established in 1980 as an organization to certify registered dietitians, nurses, and pharmacists as diabetes educators in RI. The CDOE organization assists their educators by providing continuing education programs with the latest therapies and technologies related to diabetes. CDOEs network with one another and collaborate to share best practices for diabetes education.

CDOE Executive Board and Functions

The board reviews, votes and approves changes to the overall operation of the organization and also provides strategic guidance to its membership. The board is made up with a diverse group of CDOEs to ensure well rounded perspective for the organization. Board members serve a term of at least 3 years.

Current CDOE Leadership 

Cynthia Silvia, Chair

Facilitates the CDOE board meetings as well as all general CDOE meetings

Alex Gianfrancesco, Chair-Elect

Assists the chair with overseeing the membership

Lisa Williams, Secretary

Records the minutes of the CDOE board meetings

Rebecca Pompei, Financial Coordinator

Maintains and reports on the finances for the organization

CDOE Committees

Budget Committee: Rebecca Pompei, Chair 

The function of this committee will be to develop a yearly budget, monitor adherence to the budget and present all financial goals and proposals to the CDOE Board for approval. The Financial Coordinator will chair this committee.

By-Laws and Policies Committee: Lisa Williams, Chair

The function of this committee will be to review the By-laws of the Board and the policies and procedures of the CDOE Program annually and present any necessary changes.

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Certification Program/Curriculum Committee: Tracey Taveira, Chair

The function of this committee is to plan, implement, and evaluate the annual certification process including evaluation of the curriculum presented.

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Exam Committee: Sarah Marotto, Chair

The function of this committee is to plan, implement, and evaluate the Certification Exam process for CDOE and CVDOE Candidates.

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Continuing Education Committee: Cynthia Silvia, Chair

The function of this committee is to plan, implement, and evaluate programs of continuing education for diabetes outpatient educators based on educational needs assessments.

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Credentialing Committee: Andrea Aspirino, Chair

The function of this committee is to:

  1. Track and monitor the annual certification/re-certification requirements for individual CDOE educators and existing CDOE sites,
  2. Review the CDOE applications for new educators and select the CDOE candidates,
  3. Review and approve new CDOE site applications, and
  4. Assist in policy making as necessary.

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Nominating Committee: Alex Gianfrancesco, Chair

The function of this committee is to determine the slate of officers and coordinate the voting process. The Chair-elect will chair this committee.

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Reimbursement Committee: Mark Rogers, Chair

The Reimbursement Committee addresses three issues relating to compensation:

  1. Documentation for the services rendered by CDOEs through the aggregate data and patient assessment forms.
  2. ADA (American Diabetes Association) recognition for CDOE sites.
  3. Political action to improve reimbursement rates and communication with third-party insurers.

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Technology and Outreach Committee: Alex Gianfrancesco, Chair

The function of this committee will be to review and update content of website (ridiabeteseducators.org) and manage social media accounts.

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